Book Review: ‘What Are Friends For?’ by Sarah Sutton

51nH0e6t-6LA close, easygoing friendship can all change with just one kiss. Seventeen-year-old Remi Beaufort learns this the hard way when she plays a blindfolded kissing game at a party. She thinks she’s kissing Jeremy, the totally hot basketball player she’s been crushing on. And the kiss…it’s amazing. It makes her forget about her overbearing mother, the next-door neighbor’s drama, and the probability that she’ll fail her senior year. It’s heart-stopping, toe-curling, world-changing. Until her blindfold falls off, and she realizes that instead of being blindfolded with her crush, she’s kissing Elijah, her best friend since third grade. Her best friend that totally has a girlfriend. Remi has to make a choice: does she live the rest of her life loving her best friend in secret? Or does she tell the truth and risk ruining their friendship forever?” (Amazon)

 Review of What Are Friends For? by Sarah Sutton

My rating: 4/5

I remember reading Sarah Sutton’s book at the beginning of the year, and it gave all the warm and cosy feelings. What Are Friends For? is a great debut, from the easy-flowing narration to well-described character interactions and relations. It’s cute, light-hearted and fun; just the way it should be. A great best-friends-to-lovers narrative.

YA contemporary romances have often use overdone tropes and devices, and I was glad to see more focus on the friendship between Rami and Elijah in What Are Friends For? than just on the underlying romantic feeling between both characters. While the mutual attraction had played great importance in the storyline, the friendship between those two characters as well as confusion, angst and hormonal idiocy of high school age was at the front of the story almost at all times, and it was shown very well.

I liked the portrayal of Rami and Elijah, two childhood friends navigating their senior years and falling in love, with many more serious storylines emerging as the story unfolds – from the troubles caused by Elijah’s brother to Rami’s parents’ divorce, which continued to have a great influence on her. I had also liked the final resolution, with both characters coming to terms with everything that was happening to them in recent times.

Overall, What Are Friends For? is an excellent portrayal of high school teenagers and first love, and how confusing and terrifying it may if you ended up having feelings for someone you have been friends for so long. I have enjoyed reading this book, and I am looking forward to reading future releases by Sarah Sutton – her newest book Out of My League has been published already (and is on my to-read list!), while What Are Friends For? is available now in audiobook as well if you prefer consuming your books this way!

Who is the book for: I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a nice YA contemporary romance. You rarely can find such a realistic narration in YA. You can get your copy here.


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