Book Review: ‘Grow Through It’ by Dani DiPirro

“A colourful fully illustrated guide to learning how to adopt a more positive mindset, even when the skies are grey and stormy, from a hugely popular Instagram artist. Beautifully illustrated and heartfelt, this beautiful little book shares big insights about how to stay positive in an increasingly negative world. Artist Dani DiPirro started her Instagram, … Continue reading Book Review: ‘Grow Through It’ by Dani DiPirro


What I Read in January

How the time flies. Initially, I was meant to draft this January Wrap Up way earlier, but unfortunately, last week has turned out to be busier than expected, and I have been feeling very exhausted.  But I read some great books in January, and I’d definitely recommend adding some of them to your TBR list! … Continue reading What I Read in January