What I Read in April

Unfortunately, my April wrap up is running super behind, but it has been a busy week and a half, and I have some big news (soon!). I had a great reading month in April, and I read 26 books, and so many were so amazing! My Top 5 Books in April The Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline … Continue reading What I Read in April


What I Read in March

As always, I’m posting my reading wrap up a little late, but despite a bank holiday weekend, I have been fairly busy. I spent the first two days with a big migraine, so I just didn’t have the strength to look at the screen, and April has started which means CampNaNoWriMo and a lot of … Continue reading What I Read in March

Book Review: ‘Thought Economics’ by Vikas Shah

“Since 2007, entrepreneur and philanthropist Vikas Shah has been on a mission to interview the people shaping our century. Including conversations with Nobel prizewinners, business leaders, politicians, artists and Olympians, he has been in the privileged position of questioning the minds that matter on the big issues that concern us all. We often talk of … Continue reading Book Review: ‘Thought Economics’ by Vikas Shah

What I Read in February

February has turned out to be even busier than January, but I still managed to read a lot (over 30 books!). I had been busy at work and we slowly started planning the publishing conference at SYP, so I have my hands full this year!  I didn’t end up writing much this month, but that’s … Continue reading What I Read in February

Book Review: ‘Grow Through It’ by Dani DiPirro

“A colourful fully illustrated guide to learning how to adopt a more positive mindset, even when the skies are grey and stormy, from a hugely popular Instagram artist. Beautifully illustrated and heartfelt, this beautiful little book shares big insights about how to stay positive in an increasingly negative world. Artist Dani DiPirro started her Instagram, … Continue reading Book Review: ‘Grow Through It’ by Dani DiPirro

What I Read in January

How the time flies. Initially, I was meant to draft this January Wrap Up way earlier, but unfortunately, last week has turned out to be busier than expected, and I have been feeling very exhausted.  But I read some great books in January, and I’d definitely recommend adding some of them to your TBR list! … Continue reading What I Read in January

Book Review: ‘The Kindness Journal’ by Jaime Thurston

“Kindness is something we all have to give and we all need, regardless of status or background. The current global effort to protect our communities' most vulnerable shows how kindness spreads and that when we are kind to others it lifts our spirits. In The Kindness Journal, Jaime Thurston, founder of the charity 52 Lives, … Continue reading Book Review: ‘The Kindness Journal’ by Jaime Thurston

Book Review: ‘The Mask Falling’ by Samantha Shannon

“Paige Mahoney has eluded death again. Snatched from the jaws of captivity and consigned to a safe house in the Scion Citadel of Paris, she finds herself caught between those factions that seek Scion's downfall and those who would kill to protect the Rephaim's puppet empire.The mysterious Domino Programme has plans for Paige, but she … Continue reading Book Review: ‘The Mask Falling’ by Samantha Shannon

Contemporary Romance Recommendations

I hope you’ve all been doing okay! This year has started weird, and once again we’re in lockdown, with things getting worse and worse. I can only hope there’s a light at the end of this tunnel.  Contemporary romances, or romances in general, aren’t my usual genre of choice - I tend to read fantasy … Continue reading Contemporary Romance Recommendations

200 Books of 2020: A Year in Review

I read over 100 books in the second half of 2020 (115 I think), and many of them were truly extraordinary, so understandably I had a hard time deciding on my ten favourites! For this reason, I included another five in Honourable mentions below. I honestly had a great year when it comes to books (everything else … Continue reading 200 Books of 2020: A Year in Review