ARC Review: ‘If the Broom Fits’ by Sarah Sutton

Blaire’s got to be the only person on the planet who hates Halloween. At least the only person in her small town, which practically worships the holiday. Ugh. And it doesn’t help that her super-hot ex-boyfriend, Lucas, is determined to convince her otherwise by making her take part in “festive activities.” Apparently carving pumpkins and watching scary movies is going to magically change her mind about the holiday? Yeah, right. But Blaire has never told anyone the truth of why she hates Halloween or the truth about why she broke up with Lucas. She’s definitely never told anyone about how much she second-guesses that decision. Being around him is so much harder than she thought, especially when it looks like he’s starting to move on. And when she gets a letter in the mail from someone who broke her heart, can Blaire overcome the negativity drowning her? Or will her bitterness and secrets push everyone she loves away?” (Amazon)

Thank you to the author for my e-copy of this book. 

Review of If the Broom Fits by Sarah Sutton

My rating: 4/5

While YA romances are not necessarily my favourite genre (though I have been reading quite a few of them recently…), I have read previous books by Sarah Sutton – What Are Friends For? and Out of My League – so I knew I would enjoy this one too. 

I was kindly given an ARC of this book in an exchange for an honest review, and I pretty much read in one sitting a few days ago. If the Broom Fits is such a fun YA romance. I really needed such a book, so it was a perfect way to start October.

If the Broom Fits follows Blaire and Lucas as they navigate their painful break up that for Lucas came all of the sudden. There was no warning. Things between him and Blaire seemed perfect… until they weren’t. With Halloween approaching and Blaire mood clearly worsening, despite their break up, Lucas set up to prove her that she can still enjoy the spooky season.

I think what I liked the most about the story was that it wasn’t a new romance that we see this time in Sarah Sutton’s novel, but rather a love that’s still there even when the relationship is over (or is over?). Both Blaire and Lucas are likeable characters, but my favourite was probably Blaire’s grandma who took care of Blaire after her mum’s death and dad’s disappearance. Not to mention the Costume Catering business she has set up, which added great atmosphere to If the Broom Fits.

Sarah Sutton explores a lot of complicated issues in her books in the background of the main YA romance storyline, something that I have been seeing more and more in recent years both in YA and adult romances, and that’s something I definitely enjoy.

While I think that What Are Friends For? remains my favourite out of Sarah Sutton’s works, I can definitely see how she’s growing as a writer, and I’m looking forward to more of her writing. 

Who is the book for: If you have enjoyed Sarah Sutton’s previous books or you are simply a fan of YA romance and Halloween, you will definitely enjoy this book. If the Broom Fits is getting published today, and you can get your copy here.


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