Book Review: ‘The Kindness Journal’ by Jaime Thurston

“Kindness is something we all have to give and we all need, regardless of status or background. The current global effort to protect our communities’ most vulnerable shows how kindness spreads and that when we are kind to others it lifts our spirits. In The Kindness Journal, Jaime Thurston, founder of the charity 52 Lives, motivates and inspires readers to practice kindness as much for their own wellbeing as for the wellbeing of others. The book will help readers cultivate kindness habits, with simple exercises that make a positive impact on others and themselves, and provide a place for readers to acknowledge and remind themselves how being kind to others made them feel. Through prompts suggesting simple actions, inspirational quotes and scientifically supported facts, readers will understand the positive effect kindness has on our physical and mental health. 52 Lives is a registered charity that has been changing a life every week since 2013, with the support of almost 100,000 strangers who work collectively to help a person in need of some kindness. Through the charity, Jaime sees first-hand the impact kindness has, not only on those we are kind to but on us when we are kind.”

Thank you to Love Book Tours and the publisher for my copy of this book and my spot on this blog tour.

Review of The Kindness Journal by Jaime Thurston 

My rating: 4/5

The Kindness Journal is a little book about kindness for everyone. Full of inspirational quotations and helpful tips, the journal also allows for a great self-reflection. There is so much space for your thoughts, reflections, goals and plans. In this way, The Kindness Journal makes you stop and think of your actions and decide how else you can be kind to yourself and those around you.

Accompanied by very calming illustrations, Jaime Thurston’s a little book of kindness, is a great source for everyone on the quest to become kinder, less stressed and overall calmer. I would definitely recommend going through The Kindness Journal slowly, a page, a few at most at the time, and allow plenty of time for self-reflection. While I personally hate writing on the pages of my books, The Kindness Journal is specially created for that purpose – to give you a safe and calm place to look at the way you see the world and everyone around you, and to reflect how little act of kindness can go a long way. 

All of us need a little bit of kindness, especially now. We all are living in unprecedented circumstances, with the pandemic changing in our lives and preventing us to see friends and family. Never before little acts of kindness have been so important. 

Who is the book for: I think The Kindness Journal is something of everyone, especially in the current climate. You can get your own copy here.

For those interested in knowing more about the author:

Jaime Thurston is the founder of 52 Lives – a charity and global movement that aims to change a life every week and spread kindness.What started as a simple Facebook page encouraging her friends and family to help people changed overnight after Jaime was featured on ITV’s Surprise Surprise. Soon after, 52 Lives became a registered charity and now has almost 100,000 supporters around the world. Jaime is originally from Australia. She began her career as a journalist, before moving to the UK, where she worked for a Member of the European Parliament, a wildlife charity and an organisation that supported families of prisoners. She was a Member of the Independent Monitoring Board for a local prison, and a Trustee of a Richmond-based charity that helped isolated groups of people. She now runs 52 Lives and recently launched a School Kindness Project, aiming to empower children to make a difference in the world through kindness.


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