What I Want to Write in June

Today, I want to talk about something else. Writing! In April I completed my CampNaNoWriMo ending on 55 thousand words, but in May I hit writer’s block, and barely managed to write at all. I still read a lot. You can read about all the books I read in May here. But I wasn’t motivated to write for the past couple of weeks, often feeling too tired or too reckless, or both. It’s understandable considering the lockdown and everything that has been happening this year so far. But this month, I want to get back to writing, especially that I have a week off work approaching (and I checked the weather and it’s supposed to rain the whole week). I’m not good at setting goals and keeping to my to-do list, but let’s see how it will go this time!

My June Writing Goals

1) Finish the first draft of contemporary romance

Honestly, this project has been so much fun, especially that contemporary romances are not a genre I usually write in. But I have enjoyed the setting, the characters and the storyline that I have created for this project so far, even if at the moment it’s 60 thousand words of a mess. A complete mess. But I’m still in drafting stage so it’s absolutely fine… I’m hoping to finish the first draft (well, pre-draft) this month, so I can start editing at the end of July.

2) Outline my new fantasy project

I was standing in the line to enter Sainsbury’s a couple of weeks ago, and I messaged my flatmate about the idea I had floating around. She loved it. And somehow out of this tiny little idea, I have a project forming that will include coffee, magic and pirates. While I haven’t outlined it properly yet, this is something aiming to do this month. My plan is to write a proper outline and character sketches next week during my week off work. If that happens, this will be the first time I’ll be facing NaNoWriMo actually prepared!

3) Get back to drafting my other fantasy project

A year ago I have started this urban fantasy project that I worked on mostly in November, but I haven’t picked it up ever since. And this is the story I really hope I finish this year, because this is the project that actually got me back to writing. It starts in London, but takes the main characters for a journey through Lake District, Scotland and in later parts, throughout mainland Europe. Having been born and raised in Poland, and travelling through so many countries, this story allows me to use so much of my international experience!

4) Write a short story

This month I also want to draft at least one short story. Short stories are a great way to either write down the idea that’s not big enough for a whole novel or to try something different and clear your head and recharge. And I have so many ideas for short stories! But I have one particular idea floating around, so that will be my main focus this month. It will deal with mental health issues, so it won’t be easy to write, but it’s a topic close to my heart and something that should be talked about.

5) Write more flash fiction

Flash fiction is another great way to clear mind and write something else for a change. While technically flash fiction is a form of short story writing, I put it as my separate goal for this month so I can commit to writing more short and quickly drafted pieces to let myself have a break from my bigger projects. Also, these two lovely writers on Twitter, Lou and Rue, are hosting #RueLouPrompts on Twitter, with the goal to write flash fiction under 500 words. I have done it once so far, but if all goes well, I will have another ready tomorrow! If you wanted to try something different, I would recommend checking this out! The current prompt is: Never seen a ghost like… It’s also a prompt that gave me a little inspiration for a short story I want to write.


What are your writing goals? Or reading goals? Or any other goals for this month?




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