What I Read in February

February has turned out to be even busier than January, but I still managed to read a lot (over 30 books!). I had been busy at work and we slowly started planning the publishing conference at SYP, so I have my hands full this year!  I didn’t end up writing much this month, but that’s … Continue reading What I Read in February


What I Read in June

I have read 15 books in June, mostly fiction, with one wonderful exception, Dear Reader by Cathy Rentzenbrink, which stole my heart. It may seem that I have read less in June, but some of the novels I have picked up were quite lengthily. Not to mention that June has generally been a weird month … Continue reading What I Read in June

What I Read in May

I read a lot. Insanely a lot. But for a couple of years, between moving to a different country, university, and so on, I have been in a very long reading slump until I finished my dissertation and found the joy in reading again. It was also the year when I have done short work … Continue reading What I Read in May