Book Review: ‘Young Mind Young Body’ by Sue Ziang

41np4+8AMNL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ “By following the common-sense approach to supporting mindset, lifestyle, and food choices that Sue Ziang details in Young Mind Young Body, you can embrace and savor life with ease and grace while potentially enjoying the following benefits as by-products of a happy and fulfilled life –  body, mind, heart, and soul.” (Amazon)

Thank you to Booktasters and the author for the copy of this book.

Review of Young Mind Young Body by Sue Ziang

My rating: 4/5

I am usually quite sceptic about self-help books, finding them unrealistic and more often than not coming from a very privileged point of view, but I have read Sue Ziang’s Young Mind Young Body a while ago, and I found it both interesting and filled with useful advice. With mental health awareness week just gone, and with so many of us struggling currently during the lockdown, books like this one can be useful. I find myself spending most of my day at home, like many of us now. Finding a balance between work and free time is much harder when your working space is your bedroom. Sue Ziang’s underlines the importance of both mental and physical health, and that’s especially important now when our normal reality is so disturbed.

Sue Ziang’s Young Mind Young Body isn’t one of those self-help guides that promise you immediate change with very little work (which most of the time doesn’t work) and instead talks about small steps and changes you can take that will lead to your overall happiness and will allow you thrive in life.

Young Mind Young Body puts an emphasis on a fine balance of the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional states; something lots of us forget in the busy lives we are living. While my life right doesn’t allow me to take all of Sue’s advice and adapt them to my own life, I found the book extremely interesting and informative.

When I started reading Young Mind Young Body I didn’t expect to read a lot of helpful advice and recipes as well regarding food preparation. A lot of self-help and self-care advice guide go in circles without actually explaining how to approach certain advice they try to give. Here, Sue Ziang, while underlying that not everything will work for everyone and that it’s a lot about figuring out things for yourself while making small changes to your life leading to the overall improvement in the long-term, gives practical advice on food, medication, sleep patterns and general approach to life.

I have particularly enjoyed her own insights from the Chinese and Indian cultures, which I don’t know in such great detail as the author herself. I have also liked that Sue Ziang included numerous titles that had helped her on her journey, and facts, such as why certain people are more likely to be vegetarians than the others.

As Sue Ziang says,

“It is about rejuvenating youth and vitality by applying self-love and self-care in all aspects of life. It is about starting from the source, cultivating and raising awareness, making supporting choices, and building everything into a daily bite-sized routine based on your uniqueness, preferences, ethnic background, schedules, priorities, likes and dislikes, circumstances, and the life you want to lead.”

Who is the book for: Anyone looking for slightly more practical self-help guide, especially now, in current circumstances.

You can get Sue Ziang’s Young Mind Young Body here.


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