What & Why: Introduction

It has been a while since I shared anything related to my writing with people, for years being too scared and having too low self-esteem to be able to get back to writing properly. This past few months has been really about getting back to writing and reading more, and finding the joy in both.

It took me a long time to circle back to all those things, but this year, while I find myself settling into a new role in publishing following the graduation from my master’s degree in January, I needed a space to be able to talk about books, writing and publishing and everything in between. It admittedly has taken a lot more time for me to find the courage to get out here and to talk again about things that I care than I expected, but here we are.

So, hello, I’m a recent MA Arts & Cultural Management graduate from King’s College London, where I have previously finished BA Film Studies as well. Currently, I’m working in publishing in Oxford, although I still live in London and my work is currently done from my bedroom (hello, lockdown). 

Having a bit more time on my hands recently, I’m starting this as my space for sharing books reviews and recommendations, writing updates and topics related to books industry and creativity.


What I’m currently reading:
This Book Will Change Your Mind About Mental Health by Nathan Filer

What I’m currently working on:
– Contemporary Rom-Com set in the publishing industry
– Modern Fantasy set in Lake District and Scotland 


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